User agreement

1. General terms
1.1. The current document is UP-X Service using agreement. The current Service terms and conditions are provided below. Be sure to read them carefully.
1.2. The service can be used by those reaching the age of majority.
1.3. "UP-X" service is a loss risk-free online game owned by the organizer and located at The organizer provides entertainment, leisure and recreation organization services.
1.4. The loss risk-free online game organizers don’t oblige anyone to spend their leisure time in the Service.
2.1. The user must log in via Vkontakte or Odnoklassniki social networks to create an account.
2.2. The User is solely responsible for both his confidential data storage as well as for access loss to own account.
2.3. The user is solely responsible for all actions taken by him.
2.4. The Service is not responsible for the User’s third parties-related actions.
2.5. The user is obliged to inform the Service on his account’ unauthorized use, if available.
3.1. The User will be blocked for the Service or legislation rules violation by the Service Administration.
3.2. Unauthorized access and harm attempts related to the Service are strictly prohibited.
3.3. Insults, extortion, defamation, bluffing, messages containing harmful information (including viruses, trojans, worms, etc.), as well as information that could harm third parties are prohibited to be added to the website
4.1. Falsified data publication id prohibited.
4.2. Any materials transfer contributing to the third parties’ intellectual property violation is prohibited.
4.3. Fake information publication in order to obtain unauthorized access to third parties’ data is prohibited.
4.4. Religious or political nature information publication is prohibited.
4.5. Multiple accounts creation is prohibited.
4.6. It is forbidden to use third-party scripts, inject JS-code through the console, use bots and any other software. It is allowed to conduct games exclusively using the website interface.
4.7. Data transfer to third parties in order to access to someone else's account is prohibited.
4.8. It’s prohibited to insult, call names, cast doubt on individuals and legal entities, including Service Users and Service Administration professional qualifications and integrity.
4.9. It is prohibited to choose avatars containing scenes of violence, threats, foul language, debauchery (pornography), any type discrimination, commercial advertising and advertising texts.
5.1. You are fully responsible for your actions while refilling the balance on the website via any payment systems. The service does not enforce you to take any actions.
5.2. You are fully responsible for your actions while betting and setting auto-withdrawal coefficient.
5.3. The Service does not encourage or motivate to increase your funds amount.
5.4. The Service does not provide you with 100% guarantee the auto withdrawal ratio bet you specified will increase your funds amount.
5.5. The Service doesn’t enforce you to take any actions.
You are fully responsible for all actions taken in the Service.
6.1. You agree to accept and comply with the current Agreement terms and use electronic communications in order to sign the contracts as well as refuse from any applicable rights or requirements for which require a handwritten signature, to the extent permitted by any applicable law while using and/or visiting any Service sections.
6.2. Please do not sign up and/or stop using your account if you do not agree to accept and further follow the current Agreement terms. Further Service use will be considered as your consent to comply with the current Agreement terms.
7.1 The exclusive right to the Service belongs to the Service.
7.2. All materials-related rights provided on our website belong to the Rights Holders.